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Terms & Conditions

Background Information
KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited are a Water Mains and associated infrastructure specialists, specialising in Water Mains, Services and Supplies, from Replacement, Repairs and Maintenance (R&M), New Installations, Leak Detection, Multi Utility Installations/Self Lay Projects (Water, Gas, Electric, BT/Fibre), Pneumatic Moling, Directional Drilling.

KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited also undertake Multi Utility Installations for contestable works in Water, Gas, Electric, BT/Fibre, suppling utility infrastructure to new homes across the South.

We take immense pride in our ability to execute an impeccable standard of work, whilst upholding paramount due care and attention to health & safety. We cater to any client requirements, offering a full turnkey service from project design and planning, excavation, supply & installation, backfill & reinstatement.

All quotations must be accepted in writing via email, or our link sent with the quotation. (Link is sent from Xero our online accounting software).

All works amounting to a total sum of £5,000 or more including VAT will require a 25-50% deposit depending on Plant, material and any other costs involved.

Final Payment
Invoice will be produced on completion of work; the total balance is to be paid within 7 days of completion of work via bank transfer. Unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to work commencing by KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited.

Terms and Conditions
Please note that by booking in a date with us, you are there for accepting our quotation along with our terms and
conditions as found in the section “Additional Information” (including water supply specific information also) as
found below. You also agree to our Privacy Policy in accord with GDPR as detailed on our website (www.kcsutilities.co.uk).

By accepting this quotation, you accept that our quotation takes precedence over any signed sub contractor agreements or NEC contracts KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited are asked to sign. No other contract or agreement supersedes this quotation along with the extra information section which contains very specific terms related to our specialist works, not covered or applicable in sub contractor agreements. This will also include payment terms.

Additional Information

Abort Charge
Please make sure that the site is clear of any items which block/impede our access to your water supply, stop valves or presumed route intended for installation, including rubbish, rubble, skips, scaffolding (we cannot work underneath or within a certain distance of scaffolding so please inform us of this in advance) and any other items or reasons that would impede access or mean we cannot carry out our works upon arrival.

This would also include us not being able to carry out our works due to you not having gained written permission to access/excavate within the neighbour’s boundary/property if required, or the relevant licenses from local authorities or parties for the works to be carried out.

If we are not informed of any of the above (and any other items that result in an aborted visit) in writing at the time of accepting our quotation and we cannot carry out our job as a result on the day, we charge an aborted fee being as a minimum of the 25% deposit collected prior to collection of works. In the instance of having started work and then having to abandon site due to no fault of our own, costs will be calculated pro rata as to time on site or work carried out, whichever is higher. Any plant, fittings, pipework or other job specific items ordered in for works will be added to the aborted fee costs. This deposit will be collected in advance of us attending site and then the remaining balance will be due upon completion of works.

Parking Arrangements
We do require parking for 1 van, toeing a portable compressor, which needs to be a minimum of 10m in length. This must be either on the site, driveway or directly outside the property we are working on, as we must have constant access to our van, machinery and tools that require running hoses and leads to our onboard equipment.

It is the customers responsibility to arrange any parking suspensions, or gain visitors parking permits, or reserve parking for us in advance of our attendance. If failing to do so results in having to abort the visit, then the above aborted visit costs will be in force. Any parking fines/penalties that result from inadequate parking being provided will be added to the final invoice.

Unforeseen circumstances / time above allocated days
Should our engineers experience unusually hard/difficult ground conditions, buried obstacles such as hardcore, metal, cisterns, tanks, foundations, roads or any other circumstances out of our control which result in the job requiring more hours/days than have been allocated, a rate review may be required.

Mechanical Excavating Equipment
This quotation does not include the use of mechanical excavating equipment unless stated within the main body of the quotation. Should this be required then this will be at additional cost.

KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited requirements on the day are to provide a safe surface, reasonably matching the previous surface we excavated through where possible, taking into account the surrounding surfaces, weather conditions and any other site-specific considerations which may impact on the reinstatement in question. Reinstatement outside the scope of our original works would be subject to an additional rate.

Any concerns over reinstatements must be clearly explained to our engineers onsite, and you must contact our office with your concerns immediately before we leave site.

Expiry of Quotation
All quotations provided to the Customer remain valid for 3 months, then after 3 months the Customer must request a new quotation.

Materials Ownership
KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited will retain legal and beneficial ownership of all Materials until payment in full has been received.

Post Works Investigations & Remedials
Should the client feel that there are any remedials after we have carried out works, or subsequent issues that result that the client feels are because of our works, these should be bought to our attention immediately. No external contractor or 3rd party should be involved and no costs accrued by the client without KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited explicit prior written permission. KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited will not be held responsible or liable to reimburse the client for any costs incurred in the Client choosing to rectify issues themselves without our prior permission. KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited will always have first chance to rectify any issues at their own cost where it is accepted by KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited that is their responsibility to do so in line with our terms as outlined in your quotation.

Water Mains Related Terms & Conditions

Debris/Limescale/Dirt in Pipe (If Installing or Repairing Water Supply)
KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited are not responsible if as a result of operating (switching off & on) any valve located on your water supply, whether external stop valve/water meter, any intermediate valves (Sub Valves) or internal valves, limescale, debris, dirt, rust or any other item is loosened and can be released as a result. Likewise, if the supply has leakage present on the supply, the supply when it is switched off can naturally siphon dirt through the point of leakage and enter the pipe.

Dirt/Limescale/Rust can become lodged inside internal components such as other taps, boilers, inline valves or such like. Although KCS Utilities & Groundworks will flush pipes where possible, any damage caused in this way will not be the responsibility of KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited. We will attempt to clear any blockages where our engineers onsite feel they are reasonably able to. Any replacement valves or equipment damaged, if it can be replaced by KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited, including labour will be fully chargeable and added to the final bill. If the damaged appliances, internal plumbing system or valve requires repair or replacement, customer will be liable for all costs incurred in relation to this. KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited will not be responsible for any costs or works
involved with this.

Guarantee of Water Supply Installation
The guaranteed term is 10 years and covers against defective pipe material, poor workmanship and failure of direct connections. Excluded from the guarantee is accidental damage by individuals or physical forces such as ground slip, heave, subsidence, or the effects of tree roots. The guarantee is nullified by excavations on to, or further connections to the supply pipe or any modifications made by parties other than KCS Utilities & Groundworks Limited.

Old side of connections made to existing pipework will be guaranteed for 2 years. This does not cover any part of the old pipework itself (Even pipework inside the fitting) which may deteriorate or produce leakage within this period. This Old Side guarantee is in relation to the fitting itself in terms of defective fitting material & poor workmanship, again nullified by the same situation as explained in the above paragraph.

Shared Supplies / Final Connections / Capping Old Supply
If you require us to attend site on another day to make final connections once your Water Board have made your new connection, we can arrange this at a cost of £220.00+VAT (initial 2 hours). Any additional hours required above 2 hours will be charged at £90.00+VAT. This also is the cost structure to locate your old, shared supply and cap you off from your old, shared supply. If your existing shared supply runs under the property, and there is nowhere suitable internally to cap off your old, shared supply, then this can require extensive tracing and excavation, potentially in neighbouring properties, to find a suitable place to cap your supply. We cannot tell you how quick or long this can take as each shared water supply layout is unique.

Additional Chargeable Items
If we are bringing the pipe up into your property, we will first try to do this via a standard Drill Through, whereby we drill through the footings or brick course, entering the property underneath a suspended floor. However, in some situations this is not possible due to obstructions, other utilities in the way or some other unforeseen reason that requires we utilise our bespoke made “Frost box/Insulation box” this allows the pipe to be brought through the wall, above ground level horizontally to overcome any issues or solid surfaces internally maintaining minimal disruption, will be charged at £125 + VAT per Frost box/Insulation box required. This cost includes installation.

If we are required to install any additional external stop valves/boundary box along the supply, to include chamber arrangement, this will be charged at £130 + VAT per 25mm arrangement and £150 + VAT per 32mm arrangement. If only the Sub Valve/Stop Tap is required without chamber arrangement, then for a 25mm additional Sub Valve/Stop Tap this will be charged at £80 + VAT. For 32mm Stop Tap/Sub Valve this will be charged at £100 + VAT.

Terms and Conditions
By agreeing to our quotation, you are also agreeing that you have read, understand and agree to our terms and conditions as set out in this quotation, including all information under contained in Extra Information, including any Water related terms outlined.

Accreditations & Qualifications