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Leak Detection

Has your water provider notified you of a leak on your side of the property?

Do you have a burst water pipe underground somewhere which can’t be seen or located?

Has your metred bill increased unexpectedly?

KCS Utilities & Groundworks can assist with your situation. Our waterboard trained engineers, combined with years of experience in the utility industry alongside some of the best cutting edge leak detection technology has acknowledged solutions and proven results.

Acoustic Listening Equipment

Acoustic listening equipment also known as a Ground Mic, like a doctor’s stethoscope, just bigger and electronic, this device enables us to hear the smallest of water leaks with ease, allowing us to pinpoint its location

Tracer Gas

If a leak is suspected but cannot be easily detected using acoustic listening equipment, then tracer gas technology can be an effective means of confirming the leak. The gas used is non-toxic and non-corrosive deeming this a safe option for the use of drinking water supplies.

Thermal Imaging

When a leak occurs in a hidden/buried piping system, water is lost to the surrounding environment. In a leak from a hot or cold water system, a temperature change may occur at the surface/ground around the area of the suspected leak. Under the correct conditions, Thermal Imaging can help to detect evidence of water escape.

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