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Pneumatic Moling

What Is Pneumatic Moling?

If you want a replacement or new installation of external pipes, cables, or ducts on your property, then with the Pneumatic moling method this is possible without digging up and replanting the garden or damaging and re-paving the driveway. The pneumatically driven mole is a soil displacement hammer, which essentially bores a cavity allowing KCS to draw a new service back through. It is an environmentally friendly, fast, and cost-efficient method of trenchless utility installation.

How we Pneumatic Mole

Depending on the type of soil, lay of the land and other buried utilities present, lengths up to 20m can be pulled through via 2No. small excavations. (a) launch pit, (b) reception pit. The further the distance the more launch and reception pits are required. KCS will dig a trial hole and excavate in the suspected area to positively identify the asset and the depth it is laid to minimise any risk of disruption or damage to buried underground services when passing through these crucial areas.

Benefits Of Pneumatic Moling

  • Fast and efficient pipe, cable and duct installation and replacement.
  • Minimal surface damage. Visually after we have finished the works, no trench / excavation scars or discoloured reinstatement patches will be present.
  • No / minimal disruption to residents and traffic.
  • More cost efficient than traditional trenching methods, saving time and money on reinstatement costs.

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